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Episode 10

Download Episode 10 here

Protocol - Bloodsport I (more info)

From the EP Bloodsport
Released on Dynastic Yellow Star and 11pm Records (2019)

Ignaz Schick - Perception II (more info)

From the album Rotary Perceptions
Ignaz Schick - Turntables, Motors, Objects, Bows, Gongs, Looper
Released by Zarek Online Release Archive (2020)

Maria Chavez - Berceuse5 (more info)

From the album Projected Reworks
Maria Chavez - Turntable
Released by Psyché Tropes (2019)

Zs - Wolf Government (more info)

From the album Xe
Sam Hillmer - Tenor Saxophone, Pedals
Patrick Higgins - Electronics, Guitar
Greg Fox - Drums, Percussion
Released on Northern Spy Records (2015)

Jon Christopher Nelson - Waves of Refraction (more info)

From the album Electro Acoustic Music III
Jon Christopher Nelson - Composer
William Buonocore - Guitar
Released on NEUMA Records (1992)

Dave Ballou - Fluffer Nutter (more info)

From the album Dave Ballou & BeepHonk "The Windup"
Dave Ballou - Trumpet
Anthony Pirog - Guitar and Effects
Adam Hopkins - Double Bass
Mike Kuhl - Drums and Cymbals
Released by the artist (2018)

Tomas Fujiwara - A Realm Distorted / Questions (more info)

From the album 7 Poets Trio
Tomas Fujiwara - Drums
Patricia Brennan - Vibraphone
Tomeka Reid - Cello
Released on Rogue Art Records (2019)

andrea-jane cornell - aestivate part1 (more info)

From the album Aestivate
andrea-jane cornell - Roland 303, Tibetan Prayer Bowl, Harmonica, Voice, Cicadas, Shortwave Radio
Released by the artist (2016)

Episode 9

Download Episode 9 here

Nate Wooley - Lionel Trilling (more info)

From the album Columbia Icefield
Nate Wooley - Trumpet
Susan Alcorn - Pedal steel guitar
Mary Halvorson - Guitar
Ryan Sawyer - Drums
Released on Northern Spy (2019)

Beatriz Ferreyra - L'autre ... Ou Le Chant Des Marecages (more info)

From the album Echos +
Released on Room 40 (2020)

Charmaine Lee - mboobles (more info)

From the album Ggggg
Released by the artist (2018)

Nilserver - Boiler Tech (more info)

From the single Boiler Tech
Jack Williams
Mackenzie Kourie
Jack Carino
Released by the artist (2020)

López 4Tet - Judith (more info)

From the album Diptych
Brandon López - Bass
Cecilia López - Electronics
Gerald Cleaver - Drums
Steve Baczkowski - Saxophones
Released by the artist (2020)

Eric Wubbels (w/Mivos Quartet + Bryan Jacobs) - Schisma – PANEL II (-Harmony-) (more info)

From the album being-time
Eric Wubbels - Composition, Electronics Performance
Bryan Jacobs - Electronics Programming and Performance
Josh Modney - Violin
Olivia De Prato - Violin
Victor Lowrie - Viola
Mariel Roberts - Cello
Released on Carrier Records (2017)

Episode 8

Download Episode 8 here

Bill Dixon - Motorcycle '66: Reflections & Ruminations (more info)

From the album tapestries for small orchestra
Bill Dixon - Trumpet and Electronics
Taylor Ho Bynum - Cornet, Flugelhorn, Bass Trumpet, and Piccolo Trumpet
Graham Haynes - Cornet, Flugelhorn, and Electronics
Stephen Haynes - Trumpet, Cornet, and Flugelhorn
Rob Mazurek - Cornet and Electronics
Glynis Lomon - Violincello
Michel Côté - Contrabass Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
Ken Filiano - Double Bass and Electronics
Warren Smith - Vibraphone, Marimba, Drums, Tympani, and Gongs
Released on Firehouse 12 Records (2009)

Aaron Jay Myers - Choronzon - Dweller of the Abyss (more info)

From the album ...But I'm Doing It Anyway
Matthieu Clavé - Flute
Ariana Warren - Clarinet / Bass Clarinet
Alan Theisen - Alto Saxophone
Brandyn Taylor - Tenor Saxophone
Shawna Pennock - Baritone Saxophone
Nicole Parks - Violin
Sarah Kapps - Cello
Amy O'Dell - Piano / Toy Piano
Caleb Herron - Percussion
Keller Steinson - Percussion
Paul Stevens - Percussion
Paul Scanling - Conductor
Released by the artist (2018)

Beam Splitter - kitchen 1 (more info)

From the album Kitchen (2020)
Audrey Chen - Voice & Electronics
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø - Trombone and Electronics
Released by the artists (2020)

Christian Pincock - Yama (Self-Controls) (more info)

From the album Modifications of the Mind
Christian Pincock - Electric Trombone
Released on Zerx Records (2011)

Little Women - Teeth I (more info)

From the album Teeth
Darius Jones - Alto Saxophone
Jason Nazary - Drums
Ben Greenberg - Guitar
Travis Laplante - Tenor Saxophone
Released on Sockets Records (2007)

Stephan Moore - Oliphantine (more info)

From the album Jugaad
Released by the artist (2020)

Lina Allemano's Ohrenschmaus - Ostsee (more info)

From the album Rats and Mice
Lina Allemano - Trumpet, Compositions
Dan Peter Sundland - Electric Bass
Michael Griener - Drums
Released on Lumo Records (2019)

Mike Bullock - Construction For Network Delays #2 (more info)

Linda Gale Aubry - Piano, Objects
Mike Bullock - bass, network delay
Released by the artists (2020)

Episode 7

Download Episode 7 here

Ryan McGuire - Ruins (more info)

From the album Lessness
Ryan McGuire - Composition, Performance, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Released by the artist (2020)

Angharad Davies/Tisha Mukarji/Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga - Meltwater (more info)

From the album outwash
Angharad Davies - Violin
Tisha Mukarji - Piano
Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga - Zither
Released on Another Timbre (2012)

McPhee/Brotzmann/Kessler/Zerang - Guts (more info)

From the album Guts
Joe McPhee - Trumpet, Alto, Tenor Sax
Peter Brötzmann - Alto, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Tarogato
Kent Kessler - Double Bass
Michael Zerang - Drums
Released on Okka Disc (2007)

The Fully Celebrated Orchestra - Succubusology (more info)

From the album Marriage Of Heaven And Earth
Jim Hobbs - Sax
Taylor Ho Bynum - Cornet
Timo Shanko - Bass
Django Carranza - Drums
Released on Innova Recordings (2002)

George Lewis - Shadowgraph 4 (more info)

From the album Endless Shout
Performed by The Now Orchestra with George Lewis conducting
Kate Hammet-Vaughan - Voice
Coat Cooke - Alto Saxophone, Flute
Saul Berson - Alto Saxophone, Flute
Vinny Golia - Baritone Saxophone, Piccolo
Paul Blaney - Bass
Clyde Reed - Bass
Brad Muirhead - Bass Trombone, Tuba
Peggy Lee - Cello
Dylan Van Der Schyff - Drums
Ron Samworth - Electric Guitar
Paul Plimley - Piano
Mark Nodwell - Soprano Saxophone
Graham Ord - Tenor Saxophone
Paul Cram - Tenor Saxophone
Ralph Eppel - Trombone
Rod Murray - Trombone
Bill Clark - Trumpet
John Korsrud - Trumpet
Released on Tzadik Records (2000)

Cooper-Moore - Sweet Hour Of Prayer (more info)

From the album The Cedar Box Recordings
Cooper-Moore - Mouth-Bow
Released on 50 Miles of Elbow Room (2004) and Aum Fidelity (2008)

Raphe Malik Quartet - Sad C (more info)

From the album Last Set: Live At The 1369 Jazz Club
Raphe Malik - Trumpet
Frank Wright - Tenor Saxophone, Voice
William Parker - Bass
Syd Smart - Drums
Released on Boxholder Records (2004)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Dream (more info)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Echoes of Primitive Ohio And Chili Dogs (more info)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Tenor Saxophone, Bass Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet, Stritchaphone and Manzello
Cornell Dupree - Guitar
Keith Loving - Guitar
Hugh McCracken - Guitar
Arthur Jenkins - Keyboard
Hilton Ruiz - Keyboard
Richard Tee - Keyboard
Francisco Centeno - Bass
Metathias Pearson - Bass
Bill Salter - Bass
Sonny Brown - Drums
Steven Gadd - Drums
John Goldsmith - Drums
Lawrence Killian - Congas
Ralph MacDonald - Congas And Percussion
Pat Patrick - Baritone Saxophone
Released on Atlantic Records (1975)

Episode 6

Download Episode 6 here

Controller - Life of Contempt (more info)

From the Promo 2020 demo
Chipper - Drums
Eric - Bass/Vocals
Laura - Vocals
Rand - Guitar
Tyler - Guitar
Released by the artists (2020)

Cenk Ergün - Sonare (more info)

From the album Sonare & Celare
Cenk Ergün - composer
Performed by the JACK Quartet
Released by New Focus Recordings (2020)

gabby fluke-mogul - vitex agnus-castus (more info)

From the alubm thread
gabby fluke-mogul - Violin
Released by the artist (2020)

Kaufmann/Gratkowski/de Joode - Calligraphy, Both Sweet And Sour (more info)

From the album Unearth
Frank Gratkowski - Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass and Contrabass Clarinets
Achim Kaufmann - Hamburg Steinway D Piano and Extensions
Wilbert de Joode - Chamber-Bass
Released on Nuscope Recordings (2005)

Stephen Haynes - Quietude (more info)

From the album Parrhesia
Stephen Haynes - Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, Mutes
Warren Smith - Drums, Percussion, Marimba, Voice
Joe Morris - Electric Guitar
Released on Engine (2010)

Jesse Kenas Collins - Misty (more info)

From the album Jesee Kenas Collins and His Sounds
Jesse Kenas Collins - Reeds, Computer Fans, Cornet
Released by the artist (2019)

Phosphor - P7 (more info)

From the album II
Burkhard Beins - Percussion, Objects, Zither, Small Electrics
Axel Dörner - Trumpet, Electronics
Robin Hayward - Tuba
Annette Krebs - Guitar, Objects, Electronics, Tape
Andrea Neumann - Inside Piano, Mixing Board
Michael Renkel - Prepared Acoustic Nylon String Guitar via Computer
Ignaz Schick - Turntable, Objects, Bows
Released on Potlach (2009)

Darius Jones Quartet featuring Emilie Lesbros - Chanteuse in Blue (more info)

From the album Le bébé de Brigitte (Lost in Translation)
Darius Jones - Alto Saxophone
Matt Mitchell - Piano, Rhodes
Sean Conly - Bass
Ches Smith - Drum Set, Percussion
Emilie Lesbros - Voice
Released on Aum Fidelity (2015)

David Murray - At the Cafe Central (more info)

From the album Shakill's Warrior
David Murray - Tenor Saxophone
Don Pullen - Organ
Stanley Franks - Guitar
Andrew Cyrille - Drums
Released on DIW (1991)

Episode 5

Download Episode 5 here

Roscoe Mitchell with Ostravska Banda - 8.8.88 (Movement 1) (more info)
Roscoe Mitchell with Ostravska Banda - 8.8.88 (Movement 2) (more info)
Roscoe Mitchell with Ostravska Banda - 8.8.88 (Movement 3) (more info)

From the album Performing Distant Radio Transmission Also Nonaah Trio, Cutouts For Woodwind Quintet and 8.8.88
Roscoe Mitchell - Composer
Performed on Yamaha Disklavier
Programmed and recorded by Seth Horvitz
Released on Wild Hive Records (2019)

Stanley Schumacher and The Music Now Ensemble - Low Grade Anxiety (more info)

From the album Jive at 5:05
Stanley Schumacher - Trombone, Voice
Sabir Mateen - Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Bb Clarinet, Alto Clarinet, Flute
Evan Lipson - String Bass
Lukas Ligeti - Percussion
Professor Musikmacher - Oral Arts
Released on Musikmacher Productions (2009)

Lindsay/Mendoza/Smith/Walter - Translucency (more info)

From the album Jus
Jacob Lindsay - Ab Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet
Ava Mendoza - Electric Guitar
Damon Smith - 7-String Ergo-Bass, Lloopp
Weasel Walter - Drums, Percussion, Bagpipe Chanter
Released on Balance Point Acoustics (2008)

Proxemia - 1 (more info)

From the album meditation 102
Released by the artist (2019)

Aych - Kekionga (more info)

From the album As The Crow Flies
Jim Hobbs - Saxophone
Mary Halvorson - Guitar
Taylor Ho Bynum - Cornet
Released on Relative Pitch Recods (2012)

Dave Bryant - Check Your Lid (more info)

From the album the garden of Equilibria
Dave Bryant - Piano, Electronic Keyboards
Tom Hall - Tenor Saxophone
Neil Leonard - Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Curt Newton - Drums, Percussion
Eric Rosenthal - Drums, Percussion
Jeff Song - Cello
Jacob William - Bass
Released on Se Records (2016)

Steve Lantner Trio - Hold On To (more info)

From the album Blue Yonder
Steve Lantner - Piano
Joe Morris - Bass
Luther Gray - Drums
Released on Skycap Records (2005)

Alvin Lucier - Xylophone (more info)

From the album Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas
Sarah Hennies - Xylophone
Released on Quiet Design Records (2010)

Episode 4

Download Episode 4 here

Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra - Entrances/Two (more info)

From the album Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra
Bill Dixon - Trumpet, Composer
Rob Mazurek - Cornet, Composer
Nicole Mitchell - Flutes, Voice
Matt Bauder - Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Jeb Bishop - Trombone
Josh Berman - Cornet
Jeff Parker - Guitar
Jim Baker - Piano
Jason Adasiewicz - Vibraphone, Tubular Bells
Matthew Lux - Bass Guitar
Jason Ajemian - Double Bass
Mike Reed - Drums, Timpani
John Herndon - Drums
Damon Locks - Voice
Released on Thrill Jockey Records (2008)

Joe Morris - Red Vision (more info)

From the album Shock Axis
Joe Morris - Guitar
Chris Cretella - Electric Bass
Dave Parmelee - Drums
Released on Relative Pitch Records (2016)

Fielder/Dove/Jackson/Smith - Goodtime FFA (more info)

From the album From-To-From
Alvin Fielder - Drums, Percussion
David Dove - Trombone
Jason Jackson - Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones
Damon Smith - Double Bass
Released on Balance Point Acoustics (2013)

Globe Unity Orchestra - The Forge (more info)

From the album Globe Unity - 40 Years
Kenny Wheeler - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Manfred Schoof - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Jean-Luc Capozzo - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Axel Dörner - Trumpet
Evan Parker - Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Gerd Dudek - Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
E.-L. Petrowsky - Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
Rudi Mahall - Bass Clarinet
George Lewis - Trombone
Paul Rutherford - Trombone
Jeb Bishop - Trombone
Johannes Bauer - Trombone
Alexander von Schlippenbach - Piano
Paul Lovens - Drums
Paul Lytton - Drums
Released on Intakt Records (2007)

Birgit Ulher - From Die Schachtel (more info)

From the album Matter Matters
Christoph Schiller - Composer
Birgit Ulher - Trumpet, Radio, Speaker, Objects, Tape
Released on Hideous Replica Records (2017)

Anthony R. Green - Collide-oscope V (more info)

Anthony R. Green - Composer
From a performance by Sound of Late (2019)

Claire Rousay - It Is Just (more info)

From the album It Is Just So Much More Difficult
Released by the artist on Bandcamp (2019)

Skinny Vinny - House Boat (more info)

From the album Hunter
Joshua Jefferson - Saxophone
flandrew fleisenberg - Percussion
Released by the artists (2013)

Episode 3

Download Episode 3 here

Episode 3 playlist:

Anne LeBaron - Heat Wave (more info)

From the album 1, 2, 4, 3
Anne LeBaron - Amplified Harp with Live Electronics
Released on innova (2010)

Ikue Mori - Civitella Daze (more info)

From the album Labyrinth
Ikue Mori - Computer and Drum Machine
Released on Tzadik (2001)

SEF III - The Commute (more info)

From the album "Selling SEF III"
Max Eilbacher - Synthesis, Computer Programming
Alex Moskos - Text, Voice, Synthesis
Duncan Moore - Text, Voice, Sound Processing
Released on Ehse Records (2018)

Eric Dahlman - Full Of It (more info)

From the album Ripped Echo
Eric Dahlman - Trumpet, Autumn Leaves, Harps, Pinecones, Wind
Mike Mayo - Electronics
Michael Knoblach - Wooden Zills
Erik Nugent - Bass Clarinet
John Funkhouser - Basses
Dinty Child - Accordion
Nancy Pontius - Lyrics, Telephone, Lead Vocals
Jonah Rapino - Violins
Released on Space Walrus Records (2007)

Daniel Carter/William Parker/Matthew Shipp - Seraphic Light Part 1 (more info)

From the album Seraphic Light
Daniel Carter - Flute, Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
William Parker - Bass
Matthew Shipp - Piano
Released on AUM Fidelity Records (2018)

López Trio - KALI (more info)

From the EP Triptych
Brandon López - Producer, Editor, Double Bass
Gerald Cleaver - Drums
Steve Baczkowski - Woodwinds
Released by the artist (2020)

Borderliner - Borderliner at the News Cafe 5​/​2​/​19 (more info)

From the single Borderliner at the News Cafe 5​/​2​/​19
Mary Staubitz - Electronics
Sean C. Fennessy - Cornet, Tapes, Electronics
Released by the artists (2020)

Ellen Phan - The Map Is Not The Territory (more info)

From the EP Ideomotor Response
Released on Báhn Mì Verlag Records (2018)

Episode 2

Download Episode 2 here

Episode 2 playlist:

Go: Organic Orchestra - Part Seven (Slow) (more info)
Go: Organic Orchestra - Part Seven (Medium) (more info)
Go: Organic Orchestra - Part Seven (Fast) (more info)

From the album Sonic Mandala
Ralph M. Jones - Alto & C Flute, Hulusi, Bamboo Flutes
Kaoru Watanabe - Noh Kan, Fue, C Flute
Zé Luis Oliveira - C & Alto Flute, Bamboo Flutes
Michel Gentile - C & Alto Flute, Bamboo Flutes
Sylvain Leroux - Chromatic Tambin, Fulani Flute, C Flute, Khaen
Batya Sobel - Oboe, Ocarina
Sara Schoenbeck - Bassoon, Sona
Ned Rothenberg - B Flat & Bass Clarinet, Shakuhachi
J D Parran - Contra Alto Clarinet, Kalimbas, Ewart Bamboo Flute
Avram Fefer - B Flat & Bass Clarinet, Bamboo Flutes
Ivan Barenboim - B Flat Clarinet, Bamboo Flutes
Graham Haynes - Cornet, Flugelhorn, Ewart Bamboo Horn
Stephen Haynes - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Alto Horn, Conch
Peter Zummo - Trombone, Conch, Didgeridoo, Zither
Alex Marcelo - Piano, Fender Rhodes
Kenny Wessel - Electric Guitar, Banjo
Stuart Popejoy - Electric Bass
Elektra Kurtis - Violin
Rosemarie Hertlen - Violin
Gwen Laster - Violin
Sarah Bernstein - Violin
Skye Steele - Violin
Curtis Stewart - Violin
Jason Kao Hwang - Viola
Stephanie Griffin - Viola
Marika Hughes - Cello
Janie Cowan - Double Bass
James Hurt - Sogo, Kidi, Igbo Bell, Udu, Percussion
Matt Kilmer - Frame Drum, Djembe, Kanjira, Udu, Percussion
Brahim Fribgane - Cajon, Tarija, Udu, Percussion
Tim Kieper - Dusun'goni, Pandiero, Caxixi, Udu, Percussion
Keita Ogawa - Earthtone Drum, Frame Drum, Hadjira, Pandeiro, Udu, Percussion
Tripp Dudley - Kanjira, Cajon, Bayan, Frame Drum, Udu, Percussion
Adam Rudolph - Bata, Slit Drum, Rebolo, Gankogoui, Udu, Percussion
Released on Meta Records (2013)

Jarrod Fowler - Introduction: (Re)percussions (more info)

From the album "Percussion" as Percussion
Released on PatrickLovelaceEditions (2008)

Bogan Ghost - The Gates (more info)

From the album Zerfall
Liz Albee - Trumpet
Anthea Caddy - Cello

Sandy Ewen, Damon Smith & Weasel Walter - Untitled (Pt. 5) (more info)

From the album Sandy Ewen/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter
Sandy Ewen - Guitar
Damon Smith - Bass
Weasel Walter - Drums
Released on ugExplode Records (2012)

Lou Cohen and Steve Norton - Untitled no. 2 (more info)

From the Untitled 2xCDr of duos with Steve Norton and Matt Samolis
Lou Cohen - Wiimote/Laptop
Steve Norton - Soprano Saxophone, Bass and Contra Alto Clarinets
Released on The Whitehaus Family Record (date unknown)

Jamal Moore Organix Trio - Insurrected 2015 (more info)

From the album Psalms of Baltimore
Jamal Moore - Alto and Tenor Saxophone, Alto Flute, Quena Flute, Singing Bowls, Gongs, Baliphon, Percussion, and Electronics
Jeron White - Acoustic Bass
Warren Cruddup III - Drums and Percussion
Released by the artist (2018)

Nick Dunston - Vicuna (more info)

From the album Atlantic Extraction
Louna Dekker-Vargas - Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo
Ledah Finck - Violin, Viola
Tal Yahalom - Guitar
Nick Dunston - Double Bass, Vocals
Stephen Boegehold - Drum Set
Released on Out of Your Head Records (2019)

Cecilia Lopez - Sin Bateria (more info)

From the album Red / Machinic Fantasies
Cecilia Lopez - Composition and Electronics
Released on XI Records (2018)

Bonnie Jones - Solo 2 (more info)

From the album Option Audio 010
Bonnie Jones - Electronics
Released by Experimental Sound Studio (2018)

Lowell Davidson - Strong Tears (more info)

From the album Lowell Davidson Trio
Lowell Davidson - Piano
Gary Peacock - Bass
Milford Graves - Percussion
Released on ESP (1965)

The Art Ensemble of Chicago - Saturday Morning [Live] (more info)

From the album We Are On The Edge: A 50th Anniversary Celebration
Roscoe Mitchell - Sopranino, Soprano and Alto Saxophones
Famoudou Don Moye - Drums, Congas, Djembe, Dundun, Gongs, Congo Bells, Bendir, Triangels, Thai Bells, Shakers
Hugh Ragin - Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Thai Bells
Fred Berry - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Nicole Mitchell - Piccolo, Flute, Bass Flute
Christina Wheeler - Voice, Array Mbira, Autoharp, Q-Chord, Moog Theremini, Sampler, Electronics
Jean Cook - Violin
Edward Yoon Kwon - Viola
Tomeka Reid - Cello
Silvia Bolognesi - Bass
Jaribu Shahid - Bass, Tuned Brass Bowls
Enoch Williamson - Bongos, Congas, Djembe, Kenkeni, Okonkolo, Congo Bells, Chekeré, Shakers, Tama/Talking Drum
Titos Sompa - Vocals, Congas, Mbira, Congo Bells, Cuica, Shakers
Stephen Rush - Conductor
Released on Pi Recordings (2019)

Episode 1

Download Episode 1 here

Episode 1 playlist:

Kaoru Watanabe & Tatsuya Nakatani - Taikyo (more info)

From the album Michiyuki
Tatsuya Nakatani - Percussion
Kaoru Watanabe - Shinobue, Noh Kan, Ryuteki
Released on Kobo Records (2010)

Carl Testa - When Scattered (more info)

From the album Iris
Carl Testa - String Bass and Electronics
Released on Lockstep Records (2013)

Birgit Ulher and Ernst Thoma - Forestgreen (more info)

From the album slants
Birgit Ulher - Trumpet
Ernst Thoma - Live Electronics and the blue wheel instant composing machine
Released on Unit Records (2003)

J. Pavone String Ensemble - Sooner or Later (more info)

From the album Brick and Mortar
Jessica Pavone - Composer/Viola
Joanna Mattrey - Viola
Erica Dicker - Violin
Angela Morris - Violin
Released on Birdwatcher Records (2019)

Olly Wilson - A City Called Heaven: I. (more info)

From the album Music For Chamber Ensemble by The Boston Music Viva
Olly Wilson - Composer
Renee Krimsier - Flute
William Wrzesien - Clarinet
Nancy Cirillo - Violin
Katherine Anderson - Viola
Ronald Lowry - Cello
John McDonald - Piano
Released on Neuma Records (1992)

Marshall Allen/Matthew Shipp/Joe Morris - Bow In The Cloud (more info)

From the album Night Logic
Marshall Allen - Alto Saxophone, Flute, EVI
Matthew Shipp - Piano
Joe Morris - Double Bass
Released on Rogue Art Records (2010)

Umbrella Pine - XIII: Death (more info)

From the album Seven
Allison Burik - Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Vocals
Magadelena Abrego - Guitar, Electronics, Vocals
Self/Released (2020)

Bolt - Daze (more info)
Bolt - Space (more info)

From the album Shuffle
Eric Hofbauer - Guitar
Junko Fujiwara - Cello
Jorrit Dijkstra - Alto Saxophone, Lyricon
Eric Rosenthal - Drums, Percussion
Released on Driff Records (2014)

Ingrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey - Clown Car (more info)

From the album And Other Desert Towns
Ingrid Laubrock - Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophones
Tom Rainey - Drums
Released on Relative Pitch Records (2014)

Joëlle Léandre/Alexandra Grimal - 1 (more info)
Joëlle Léandre/Alexandra Grimal - 10 (more info)

From the album Desorde
Joëlle Léandre - Bass
Alexandra Grimal - Alto Saxophone
Released on montagne noire (2019)

Orthrelm - Optixun Straal (more info)

From the album 2nd 18/04 Norildivoth Crallos-Lomrixth Urthiln
Mick Barr - Guitar
Josh Blair - Drums
Released on Three One G Records (2002)

Matt Mitchell - Be irreparable (more info)

From the album Phalanx Ambassadors
Matt Mitchell - Piano, Composition
Kate Gentile - Drums
Patricia Brennan - Vibraphone, Marimba
Kim Cass - Double Bass
Miles Okazaki - Electric Guitar
Released on Pi Recordings (2019)

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